Town Assessor Notice

The Town Assessor and his associates will be driving around Town conducting a drive-by reevaluation of the Town over the next 2 – 3 weeks. The Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department has been notified. They will be driving in the following vehicles with a magnetic sticker on the side labeled Town Assessor:   1) Maroon Chevy Tahoe WI Plate AHK 9512   2) Silver Mercury Mountaineer  WI Plate 843 YGJ
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Tax Deadlines

July 31
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Use of Municipal Building

Due to federal and state orders given in response to COVID-19, the Town and Village of Eagle would jointly request all groups and entities that use the Municipal building for… [more]

Frequently Requested Ordinances

Ordinances & Resolutions [more]

Ordinance No. 19-03 An Ordinance to Amend the Building Code

Effective December 2019, any property owner that is found to be building without a permit will be charged four times the rate of a building permit for said work (Ordinance No.… [more]