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Community Events
Aug 05
Aug 21

Town Board Meeting

August [email protected]:00 pm-8:00 pm
News & Notices

Voter Information

For the most up-to-date election information regarding your voter information, how to register to vote, how to obtain an absentee ballot, and where your polling place is located, please visit:… [more]

Household Hazardous Waste One-Day Collection

This event is open to ALL Waukesha County residents. A list of collection sites/dates can be found at Waukesha County Hazardous Waste [more]

Free Public Emergency Notifications

Waukesha County Communications *** COMMUNITY NOTIFICATIONS *** Public Emergency Alerts can come right to your cellphone or your landline. AlertSense is a free application that sends alerts out in the… [more]

Town of Eagle Sex Offender Ordinance

Revised and adopted May 16, 2018 18-04 Sex Offender Ordinance – Revised [more]